Apsara#1 for Marimba Solo

- bar 96: on count 4 it is a B natural.
- bar 135: the left hand plays D&A on counts 1 and 2 (four times). On counts 3&4 D&C is being played (4x)
- bar 136: on counts 1&2 l.h. plays D&B natural (4x), on 3&4 it is D&A. In the following bar l.h. plays D&A one octave lower.
-bar 139: ff
-bar 143: f
-bar 144: cresc to ff in bar 145

Apsara#2 for Marimba Solo

-bar 24: the first note on count 2 is an F sharp.
-bar 33: the first note of the left hand is an A sharp
-bar 43: on count 2+ left hand plays d1-d.
bar 44: all notes played by left hand are s whole tone higher than printed. e1-e, f sharp1- f sharp, g sharp1- g sharp, a sharp1- a sharp.
- bars 139-140: like bars 43-44

Black Sphinx for Marimba Solo

-bar 15 and 19: on count 1 and 2 the E of bar 14/18 is being continued to roll. (with Mallet 2) On count 3 and 4 the E flat is being rolled with Mlts 2 and 3.
-bar 38: on count 1+ it is pp.
-bar 39 the upper note on count 1 is E flat. on count 3 it is E natural.
-Bars 40-41 mallet changing does not mean to make any pause here.
Maybe the Quaver rest on count 4 of bar 40 is a tiny little bit longer.
-bar 65: on count 4+ it is an E
-bar 67: on count 4+ a F sharp
-bar 68: on count 1 an E
-bar 147: this roll starts ff and decrecends to p at the end of the bar.
-T 151: on count 4+ it is an E.

Der Provokateur for Solo Snare Drum

There are two publications of this piece. The older one by Verlag Zimmernann (ZM)-Frankfurt/ Germany and the new one by C.Alan Publications,(CA) Greensboro/NC,USA
-bar 13, ZM only: the duration of the pp-roll is too short. There is a eighth note with two dots missing.
-bar 23: the first note of the bar has one dot.
-bar 93: I prefer playing p in the upper line and mp in bar 97, upper line.
-bar 134: in order to speed up the accel. even more, this bar may be repeated once or twice.
-ZM: when playing "foot" I use a pedal striking on a wooden board.

Die Sitzgruppe for Perc. Quartet

The score is correct, but there are quite a few mistakes in the parts.
- chair1,bar 54: First there are two eighth notes followed by a flam before the sixteenth note on count two.
-bars 101/102: the flams are to be played after the eighth pauses.
-chair 2, bar 37 to 44: "C" is in bar 41
-chair 3, bars 43/44: the sign for side-stick should not touch.
-bar 49: the first side-stick is on count two.
chair 4: no mistakes

Easy 6/8- Duo für Drums, 2 Timbales und Cowbell

-Notation list: there is no Tom 2
pl.1: Timbale- Side Stick is notated like pl.1 Snare Drum- Side Stick.
( The note head is placed one line lower)
-bars 1-4, pl.1: accent on count 4
-bars 45/46,pl.1: Ride Cymbal.

Easy Latin-Duo für Drums, 2 Timbales und Cowbell

- Notation list: there is no Tom 2
pl.1: Timbale-Side Stick is notated like pl.1 Snare Drum- Side Stick.
(The note head is placed one line lower)
-bars 17-24, pl.2: play Ride Cymbal here.
-bar 32 and 72, pl.2: dampen Crash Cymbal.

Easy Pop-Duo I für Drums, Timbale und Cowbell

- Notation list: there is no Tom 2.

Easy Pop-Duo II für Drums, 2Timbales und 2 Cowbells

- Notation list: there is no Tom 2,
closed Hi-Hat is marked +,
HH. half open o.
Cup of Ride Cym. is notated as a triangle on the upper line.
-bar 3/4, 7/9 player2: HH from closed to half open.
-bar17, pl1: on count 2+ play lower Timbale.
-Bar17, pl2: on counts 1,2+ and 4
play Crash Cym. in unison with Bass Drum.
-bar 18-25, pl.2: Hi-Hat is half open on all Off Beats of these bars.
-bars 30-33, pl 2: unaccented notes and Flams on Snare Dr. are being played as ghost- notes. The accented notes are to be played by the other hand.
-bar 66 pl.1: ff

Fünf Duos für Drums, 2 Tomtoms und 2 Wood-Blocks

no errata found in this publication.

Hurricane's Eye for Marimba Solo

-bar 12: the second note is an A flat, the sixth note is an A natural.
-bar 25: the second but last note B flat is being played one octaye higher
-bar 61: the sticking in left hand is 2-1-2, so in the first group it is E flat-A flat-E flat. Same on counts 2 and 3.
-bar 110: 8va upper staff only
-bar 113 the first two of the grace notes are one octave higher
-bar 148: the composer plays four more bars here. They can be seen at "Compositions" Excerpt 3 "Hurricane's Eye.

Rock Trio für Drums, 4 Roto-Toms und 4 Woodblocks

corrections concerning player 3, Drum Set.
-bar 5: Crsh Cym. and Bass Dr. accent is together with Rotos on count 3+.
-bars 17-39, bars 41-56, bars 77-90 : add an accent on all Snare Drum notes.
-bar 61 and further: all notes on Snare Dr., high and low Tom with accent.
-bar 99-100: Ride Cymbal.

Symplegades for four Timpani

- bars 16 and 20: play center of Drum on count 3+.

Time Torpedo1 for two Drum- Sets

-bar 7 ,player 2: on count 1 ("hands") there is a quarter rest.
-bar 7,9,11, pl.2: play an accent on the first note of the sixteenth-triplet on counts 1 and 2.
-bar 12, pl.2: 4,and 4+ are accented.
-bar 20, pl.2: the little stem indicating the pause on the second triplet note is missing.
- bar 28, pl.2: on the third note of the triplet on count 2+ play low tom ( in unison with pl.1).
-bar 29, pl.2: Swing -rhythm on Hi-hat. (not Ride-Cymbal).
-bar 34 pl.2: right hand plays a pianissimo Shuffle Pattern, left hand plays an accent on count 2.
I have no idea, what the + means.
-bar 35, pl.1: see bar 34,pl.2.
-bar 63, pl.1: on 2+ stick shot on Snare -Drum.
-bar 81, pl.1: the accent is on the first note (low Tom). There is too much space between the first two notes.

Vier kurze Soli für den jungen Schlagzeuger

- page 3, Tabulatur: low Tom (Stand Tom) is notated one spacing lower than given.
- page 8, Shuffle Solo: *) is valid from the beginning of bar 13.

Watermusic for Vibraphone (with incidental percussion)

- the numbering of the pages at the bottom is correct, their appearance on the pages is not. Please rearrange!
Wind ic the reeds:
-bar 44: left hand plays A sharp and F sharp in the first -rolled- chord.
The Walrus:
-bar 29: the second triplet is f2 and g2 in right hand.
I take a soft mallet for the cymbal- roll in that bar, then I change to the medium hard mlt.
-bar 36: on count 3+ left hand plays d1 sharp, on 4 b natural, on 4+ g.
-bars 37-39: right hand plays one octave lower than printed.
-bar 43: right hand changes to 2 medium hard mallets.
-bar 77: on count 1 left hand plays c2 sharp and d2 sharp.
-bar 91: r.h. d1 sharp- d2 sharp.
-bar 92: on count 1 r.h. c sharp
-bar 102: d1 sharp on count 2+.
Dance of the Dragonflies:
-bar 83: lower notes are g sharps.

Western Pacific Liner for Percussion Quartet

- bar 32: add Snare Dr. on count 2.
- bar 119: add Bass Dr. on count 4.

Whirlwind 1 for Drum-Set Solo

- bar 5: on count 4 the four Sixteenth notes are being played on:
Snare Dr., Bass Dr., low Tom and low Tom.
-bar 29: the fourth sixteenth note of count 2 is being played on Hi-Hat (half open).