Übersicht der nächsten Konzerte

20.1.2019 - Orgel & Percussion

Kirche Christi Himmelfahrt, Waldtrudering.
Catharina Seidl- Orgel, L.K.-Perc.
"Blackwood Solaris" für Orgel & percussion von L.K.

15.2.2019 - Orgel & Percussion

Matthäuskirche, München
Holger Boenstedt - Orgel, L.K.-Perc.feat:" Phaikon 493" for Organ & Perc."Ground II" by Thierry Escaich,"Bolero" by M. Ravel,
Toccata d-moll by J.S.Bach

16.2.2019 - INDEX4 Percussion Quartett

20:00h, Bosco, Gauting.
feat: "Aquanautic Voyage", "Multiclock Union" and a Piece for Solo Percussion by L.K.

14.9.2019 - Serenade, Orgel & Percussion

20:00h Kirche Christi Himmelfahrt, Waldtrudering
Catharina Seidl - Orgel, L.K. Perc.

3.10.2019 - Orgel & Percussion

Holger Boenstedt- Orgel, L.K.Perc.
feat "Phaikon 493" by L.K.

16.11.2019 - Drum Day, Penzberg

Stadthalle Penzberg
feat.: "Bayon Pearnik" for Marimba Solo and Perc. Trio by L.K.